Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Change Essay

In CEP 810 this week, I have been exploring learning, understanding and conceptual change through the writings of Bransford, Brown and Cocking’s (2000) How People Learn.  The culminating activity for this exploration is an essay that can be found here.  My essay discusses the importance to learning success of background knowledge; a child’s ability to create a mental scaffold for content area facts and skills; and metacognition – or thinking about thinking.  I welcome any feedback.


2 thoughts on “Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Change Essay

  1. Hi Tanya,

    I thought your paper was insightful and very well written. I especially liked how you tied in the theories to real classroom experiences. As an academic librarian, I completely agree with your statement about ensuring the transferability of skills by providing students opportunity to practice those skills in a variety of settings. This is something I do with first year undergraduates and the various databases available to them via the university library. Moreover, I also found your input on the necessity of ensuring the practical application of lessons, skills and knowledge to be very relevant. Integrating technology into the classroom environment for activities and assignments should not be done simply because it is trendy or cool. There has to be a practical purpose and the skills should be transferable. Providing students with practice, context and feedback is a great way to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills to personal use.




  2. I was particularly taken with your discussion of transferable skills. Scaffolding, in every area, is so important for student learning and growth.


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