My PLN: An Evolution

Professional Learning Network
My Professional Learning Network

I have always had a PLN.  When I was a new teacher, my PLN consisted of my best friends from school.  We spent hours on the phone talking about our new teaching jobs.  We bounced ideas off of each other and provided the support that new teachers need.  As I got more comfortable in my district, I started creating more connections with teachers in my building.  I read my professional journals for outside viewpoints, but it was still a very narrow network.  After grad school, my network got a little bigger.  I would email my grad school friends or specialized professors when I needed ideas or expertise.  I became active in professional organizations and started meeting more people with similar professional goals and interests. Then along came social media.  My little PLN grew by leaps and bounds.  I liked organizations on Facebook.  I followed authors and educators on Twitter.  I curated content through Scoop It and allowed others to curate content for me on Zite.  Suddenly my little corner of the world became big and bright, and I remembered all the reasons I became an educator, and I shared that big bright world with them.  


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