Getting Organized – Wunderlist

In CEP 810 this week, we are exploring productivity tools to help improve our workflow using David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) program.  The first step is to collect everything you need to do in one large list.

I am a Google person, but I dislike the Tasks function.  I decided to try an online to-do list creator called Wunderlist.   Wunderlist has an easy to use interface, allows you to make multiple lists and has beautiful personalization options.  I quickly listed all my projects, but then realized that it was a stand alone tool that couldn’t tie to my Google calendar.  At that point, I kind of wrote it off, but as I started exploring the Wunderlist site, I realized that it has Chrome and Gmail/Google Calendar extensions.  The Chrome extension is amazing.  It allows you to put websites into a “Read Later” file.  This option alone makes this a great tool for me.  The Gmail/Calendar extension is a little clunky in Gmail, but works nicely in Calendar – opening up when you want it and closing completely when you do not.   I was a little disappointed that even in the extension you cannot add things to your Google Calendar, but overall it is a solid tool that I will give a longer trial run.

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