Networked Learning Project – Practice Makes Perfect

In CEP 810, I am continuing to work on my networked learning project.  My goal was to use YouTube videos and help forums to learn how to knit and ultimately knit a scarf for my daughter.  My focus for the project has changed slightly.  The goal now is to finish a test scarf for my son and then use what I’ve learned to knit my daughter one.  This change comes from the fact that my son is far less picky about what he wears than my daughter, so my beginner mistakes will not cause anyone trauma.

I have used the following tools for this project.

YouTube Videos

How to Knit – Absolute Beginner Knitting, Lesson 1 – Even if you’re clueless!

Knitting 101: How to Cast On for Beginners

Knitting 101: The Knit Stitch for Beginners

Knitting 101: How to Bind Off for Beginners

Help Forums

Knitting Help Forum


To this point, the Knitting 101 videos have been the best resource for my learning.  The instructions are simple and the videos are very well done when it comes to showing the stitches from different angles so that the viewer can fully understand what the steps are and what they look like.  The narrator also comes off as very laid back and matter of fact which is calming.  I have also found the Knitting Help forum to be a friendly and experienced source for answers to my questions.

The biggest challenge that I have had to overcome is speed of work because the knitting process triggers carpal tunnel numbness and tingling in my right hand. I tried using the wrist brace I usually use when I have flare ups, but it is too clunky to use effectively.  I turned to the help forums to see if anyone there had a suggestion for a better type of brace.  No one really had a brace idea, but I did get some good suggestions about varying the type of stitch to relieve the pressure and about exploring some other forms of long needle knitting where there is less pressure on the hands because the needles wrap around the arm.  For the short term, I am going to look into a less structured wrist brace than the one I am currently using to see if that curbs the numbness.

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I have been pretty happy with my progress this week.  I can only work about a half an hour at a time before my hand goes numb, but even with that restricted amount of time, I am making progress rapidly and my scarf is looking like a scarf.  The muscle memory is coming along and I am starting gain enough automaticity to knit while truly watching my kids swim and play soccer.  It is motivating to see such progress so quickly.

Next week, you will all see my completed first knitting project.  If you have any questions or comments on my learning process or the scarf I am knitting, feel free to add them below.


3 thoughts on “Networked Learning Project – Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Most yarn stores offer knitting classes. When I was learning, I went to a yarn shop and the owner tutored me for free as long as I bought my supplies from her shop. It was fun sitting there and having other knitters and would-be knitters walk in and sit and knit for a while.


  2. I think the scarf for your son is coming along very well! I wonder if other people have the same difficulties as you do with your wrist. Maybe they have figured out a way to get relief! I hope that it feels better soon.


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