Anxiety Disorders in School – Can Technology Help?

Anxiety Disorder.  It is personal to me.  My nine year old daughter has been diagnosed with it.  And she is not alone.  Research indicates that 10% – 20% of all school aged children also suffer from worry severe enough to make them sick, impact their schoolwork and produce an array of other symptoms including self injury and eating disorders (Thompson, Robertson, Curtis, & Frick, 2013).

In CEP 812 this week, we researched a specialized learning need and made a recommendation on a technology tool that we believe will make a difference in the life of a student with that need.  The tool I chose was Evernote because it is a tool that can be flexible to a student’s needs in dealing with their anxiety even when their anxiety does not allow the child to be flexible at all.  You can read my white paper on anxiety and Evernote here.  The video below is a preview of how I think Evernote can help.

Work Cited
Thompson, E. e., Robertson, P., Curtis, R., & Frick, M. H. (2013). STUDENTS WITH ANXIETY: IMPLICATIONS FOR PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELORS. Professional School Counseling, 16(4), 222-234.


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