Innovation as Learning Ethic

In this educational landscape of under appreciated teachers, over tested students and school accountability based on student results from the latest and greatest assessment, creativity and innovation have become dirty words in today’s schools.  How can students be expected to score well on their test if they are given time to play in school?

ScreenshotIn CEP 812, our long term group project has been to explore innovation in schools and develop a vision for how to create an environment where innovation can be a learning ethic in the same way as reading and mathematics.  We have created a white paper, a visualization and a short video representing our collaborative process which can be found curated here or by clicking on the photo.

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2 thoughts on “Innovation as Learning Ethic

  1. Hi Tanya,

    I really enjoyed learning about your wicked problem and solution. The methods your group chose to share your ideas were quite nice as well. Using Weebly as your curation source is smart. I do wish that the space you allowed to embed your white paper was a bit larger. I would always make the choice to open the link and read it, instead of on your page.

    While reading your white paper I found myself wondering a few things.
    1. You talk about creating an environment for students in which they feel what they are learning is relevant. What would be an example of something relevant? I think it might be helpful for the reader to understand what your group thinks “relevant” is.
    2. What do you consider a maker space? This seems to be a big part of your solution to this wicked problem. What materials would a teacher find in a maker space?
    3. How would a teacher determine what 10% of the school year looks like on a daily or weekly basis? You go on to explain this in your visual component and mashup. You may want to take the time in your paper to address this. I wonder if it would be acceptable to insert one of your charts into the white paper.
    **Citation format – In your second paragraph you have a rather lengthy quote. I believe APA formatting requires quotes of a certain length to be a freestanding text block. If I am remembering correctly it is quotes that are 40 words or longer. It would be worth the time to do a word count.

    I really enjoyed your emaze presentation. Your visual does a great job explaining your white paper concepts. Like I stated before, I was able to gain a better understanding of what the “Genius Hour” time looked like.

    You could tell from your mashup that your group did an excellent job collaborating. It might be good to show screenshots of the resources you used as you reference them in your conversations.

    You guys brought up some very thought provoking ideas. I know I will be considering them as I move forward in my classroom. Thanks for the inspiration!


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