Passion and Curiosity

Passion and Curiosity

As CEP 812 and my coursework in the MSU Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology comes to an end, I have been asked to reflect on how my Passion Quotient and my Curiosity Quotient (Friedman, 2013) help me instill passion and curiosity in my students.

As a teacher-librarian, my role is a little different than classroom teachers because my role is about passion and curiosity.  Students come to me when they are passionate or curious about a topic.  I feel it is my job to make sure that their experience with research, technology and learning does not turn that passion into frustration.

As a final project, I have created an infographic representing how my own passions and curiosity inform my professional actions and interactions.

As always, feedback is welcome in the comments section.

Friedman, T. L. (2013, January 29). It’s P.Q. and C.Q. as Much as I.Q.. The New York Times. Retrieved from


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