This beautiful lady has been my assistant for the past eleven years.  She has kept me sane and made me laugh.  She has kept the library up and running through the births of both of my children. She has done all the hard work of being in a school library while I get all the glory.  I have depended on her and she has been there for me – alw12189426_10207439960624831_7637598026814263324_oays.  And she retired at the end of last school year.  I am so happy for her.  She will get to spend more time with her boys and her new grand baby coming in December.  She will get to travel with her husband and do all the fun stuff she deserves.  I love her with all my heart and will miss her so much.

Yesterday,  I had the opportunity to meet my new assistant.  She seems nice and funny, and I am sure she will do a wonderful job. She has so many positive qualities and I am looking forward to getting to know her and working with her to keep my library moving forward.  But as the school year begins, I am missing my friend.  It is bittersweet.


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