Waking Up

It is summer and I allow my brain to sleep like a baby for the month of July.  It is necessary for me not to burn out.  This first week of August has been my brain wake up.

On Tuesday, I spent the day at WiLS World conference.  It was primarily a public library conference, but the keynote speaker , David Bendekovic, really made me think.  He asked us the question – why do you do what you do?  In all honesty, it is a question I have needed to ask myself for awhile.  With all the changes in education in general and my position specifically, I have been struggling to find the joy that once provided my spark.  Sitting and listening to this k232323232-fp3-nu=3237-2;8-3-6-WSNRCG=32324765;2835nu0mrjeynote, I was reminded of why I chose to be a school librarian and realized that my internal fire has not gone out.  It has just been dimmed for awhile.  I am really grateful for the opportunity to reflect on my practice and maybe begin to fan the flame again.

Today was an entirely different experience.  I spent my day at our district Leadership Academy.  I am part of my building leadership team, and we spent the day working through our building goals for the upcoming school year.  Our district administrator said something that really resonated with me.  He said that he hates the word accountability, and that he prefers the word impact.  He reminded us that our impact on students is what is important.  We then got the opportunity to create goals for our building so we can maximize the impact that we have in our students’ lives.

I am still looking forward to having one more month of vacation to relax and refresh my spirit, but this week has helped me start the slow process back to being in teaching shape.


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